PSB Case Competition: preparing for the business world

On a bright Saturday morning, several students from the Pilon School of Business delivered solid presentations at Sheridan’s sixth annual internal case competition. Teams of two competed against each other to present the best set of recommendations for a quite complicated, real-life business scenario.

Among the students competing, were a friend and myself. That was our first time taking on such a challenge. With a full-schedule of classes and projects, we had to find a way to squeeze in time to study the case and prepare our 10-minute presentation. It was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Needless to say, when we arrived on campus the morning of the competition, we were tense. We felt like we had done the best we could, thought of good solutions to the business, studied the market and segments, and crunched the numbers. However, it did not seem to be enough. With the little time we had left prior to our turn in the line-up, we practiced the order of the slides and who was going to say what. Before we knew it, our turn arrived and we had no other choice than take a deep breath and deliver our presentation.

Participating in a case competition does put you under great pressure, but the experience is truly invaluable. Standing in front of the judges and the audience was the real test. As we had worked hard in researching and understanding the business and its challenges, talking about it came more naturally.

If you had asked me before the presentation whether I thought we were going to do well, I would have honestly answered no, because I felt like we did not have as much time to prepare. But, you know what? Sometimes, little time and not feeling as well rehearsed turns out to be the best thing that can happen.

As per the rules of the competition, we were not able to watch the other teams as we were the last ones to present. However, from talking to them later and listening to the feedback of the judges, I’m sure everyone did a stellar job. I believe it takes a lot of courage and determination to tackle such a complex business case like the one we did this past Saturday. I personally learned a lot from the experience, and was challenged by topics that I am not very familiar with, such as financial statements and modeling.


 Being able to learn so much from my colleagues, network with professors and alumni, and have a great time in general are the three main reasons I strongly encourage everyone to get involved.


Business competitions are a growing force in colleges and universities. For business students in particular, it is one of the best resources to develop problem-solving, analysis, and presentation skills. Those competitions offer students a unique opportunity to apply what they learn in lectures.

Do you want to get ready for the real world? Consider participating in the next PSB Case Competition and get involved with the PSB Competition Team


Results of the 6th annual PSB Case Competition

Novice 1st Place: Daksh Gauer

Advanced 1st Place: Billy Stone and Harry Timson

Advanced 2nd Place: Gizele Antiquera and Tatiana Almeida

Special thanks go to our panel of judges: Michelle Guile (Professor, Marketing), Angela Flowerday (Professor, Human Resources) and Nicholas Soares (PSB alumni).

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for this year’s competition!


 The PSB Competition Team

Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business has its own competition team, the PSBCT. The organization focuses on teaching students the essence of case analysis through a peer to peer learning environment. PSBCT also helps coordinate the requirements to send teams to business case competitions such as the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC), Supply Chain Management Association™ Case Competition, and Sheridan’s own internal case competition.

PSBCT Mission:

“To prepare Sheridan students for business leadership beyond the academic environment through a mix of peer-led case learning, comprehensive professional development, and intercollegiate competition.”

All Sheridan students are welcome to join PSBCT, but there are a few restrictions on who can compete depending on specific competitions.

The PSBCT announcement board is on the third floor of the A building at HMC.

PSBCT offers activities and workshops for members to develop skills such as critical thinking, written and oral communications, and creative problem-solving. Moreover, being able to meet fellow students, network with professionals and learn more about industries of interest are invaluable opportunities to help prepare students launch their careers.

To learn more, contact PSBCT at 

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