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Have you ever thought about investing on the stock market but have no idea how to start? You’re not alone. According to a survey by Bankrate about why Millennials don’t invest in stocks, the second most popular response (46% of respondents) was that they don’t know enough about stocks.

To change some of that perception and teach students how to navigate the stock market, the Sheridan Finance and Accounting Association (SFAA) created the Stock Market Challenge. The game is open to every Sheridan student and aims at walking people through the process of building a portfolio, selling and buying stocks, evaluating profitability and more.

“Trading stocks may sound intimidating, but our goal with this challenge is to shed some light on the market, empowering students to become investors one day,” said John MacRae, Professor and Student Life Advisor at Sheridan.

The challenge is played through the Investopedia simulator platform. Every participant gets $100,000 to buy stocks and can trade them as their values fluctuate. The goal is to maximize the value of one’s portfolio. The SFAA meets on a weekly basis to see how participants are doing and gives out prizes such as Tim Horton’s gift cards to the best performing participants. Students are also able to get help and advice about making investments decisions. This is a great opportunity for students to engage in the Sheridan community, and meet people with similar interests in the financial market.


To join the challenge, follow these steps:

Step 1

Sign up here at

Step 2

Go to “Games” > “Join Games”

Step 3

Below “Join Games” section, you will see:

Search by: “Game Name”

Containing words: type “sfaa”

With: type “any” currency

Step 4

Then click “Start Search”.

Step 5

Select “SFAA Game 2017/2018” > click “Join”

Step 6

Go to “Trade” (this is where you can Buy and Sell your stocks).

You’re all set! You have $100,000 to buy stocks. You can buy as many as you want within your budget. If you have any questions, you can contact John MacRae at

To join the SFAA, sign up here.

By Tatiana Almeida

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