PSB’s Amazing Race gets students bustling

Students sign up to participate at the Amazing Race at the Davis campus.

Students completing one leg of the Amazing Race at the Davis campus.

The term started off with a bang for Pilon School of Business (PSB) students at the Davis campus. With more than 80 students in attendance, Sheridan’s Amazing Race was the first event of the year promoted by several business associations, including the Davis Marketing Association, Zonta: Women in Business, SBHRA: Sheridan Bruins Human Resources Association, and the MoveU Club.

“We were so excited to see the students’ enthusiasm. Creating a sense of community is what our club associations are all about and we definitely did community building at the race,” said Daksh Gaur, president of the Sheridan Marketing Association at the Davis campus.

The Amazing Race consisted of a series of challenges spread out across the Davis campus. The tasks included activities such as completing a crosswords puzzle and a circle maze, playing pool and throwing balls at a target. The participants were divided into groups of five but raced for individual prizes. Group members who finished each activity first got Tim Horton’s gift cards. The grand prize, an iPad, went to the fastest student, Kevin Patel. Reva Mulani and Arshdeep Singh Brar were the lucky winners of a special draw, and both won Pilon School of Business hoodies.

The clubs also provided participation prizes to all the students including Sheridan lanyards, pens, Sheridan Marketing Association buttons, MoveU sunglasses and frisbees.

The Student Union and Peer Mentors commented that the Amazing Race was one of the biggest events any club has organized at the Davis campus. 

“It was a great experience for me personally to organize such a big event. All our hard work truly paid off,” said Gaur, who hopes to continue to offer more to the student body and get more people involved in the clubs.

For more information on PSB’s upcoming events, check out the events calendar.  To connect with clubs at Sheridan, visit this page.

By Tatiana Almeida

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