SZIIT Students Complete PSB Program

Celebrating Success: 29 students from China complete a four-month program at PSB

December 14, 2017 was a big day for 29 students from the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT). It marked the end of their four-month adventure at Sheridan. The evening had Janet Morrison, the Provost and Vice President, bring greetings to the group and recognized this exciting accomplishment. Jiaji Jiang, the Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at SZIIT, also congratulated the students on their exceptional success.

Rob Giberson, an Associate Dean in the Pilon School of Business, tailored the business program specifically for them. “The purpose of this program was to give the visiting students a taste of student life in Canada in a highly supported environment. Many of the participants shared with us that this was a life altering experience and that they hope to return to Canada to continue their studies.” Mr. Giberson shared. To support their academic learning experience, Mandarin-speaking tutors were scheduled to provide tutorials 4 days per week. Additionally, The International Centre included the students in all of their workshops, activities, outdoor trips, and services that are provided to Sheridan international students.

The SZIIT students had opportunities to participate in business programs in the classroom, as well as experience Canadian culture outside of the classroom. This included ice skating, a local hockey game, and trips to Niagara Falls, the CN tower, Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa. This program is planned to continue within different faculties next summer.

Student Testimonial

“I still feel like I am in a dream”, said Chuanghui Chen, the only male student in the group. “My family is not rich, and I had never thought about coming to Canada to study. I am so lucky to be given this opportunity and am excited to learn from my professors, Jessica and Crystal, my Cheng “mom”, Ms. Wu at International, and my fellow peers. I want to thank Mr. Giberson, whose decision has changed my life, and Sheridan College, where I was merged into creativity and teamwork, which has enabled me to be an independent thinker and team leader. I am so glad that I am never, ever the same”.

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