The SGTA Welcomes 29 Students from Shenzhen, China at HMC

On Tuesday October 3, the Sheridan Global Tourism Association (SGTA) executives and members hosted a short information session on what the Chinese students could do in the Mississauga/Toronto area that fell into four categories (free, almost free, under $20.00, and a splurge event under $60.00). Door prizes of winter socks and maple cookies were given away before the students gathered in small groups to share tea, Nanaimo bars, maple cookies and Girl Guide cookies. An enjoyable time was held by all and the visiting students were pleased to ask questions about life in Canada, especially winter. In addition, this event was held on the eve of the Moon Festival adding to the celebrations.

The SGTA would like to challenge other PSB student associations/clubs to host another event for these students!

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