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Sheridan College is more connected than you think. That is one of the benefits of the digital world we live in. A clear visual representation of the networks that people or businesses belong to. And what else is out there thanks to this digital world? Candy. Candybox Marketing, to be more specific.

If you are currently enrolled in one of Sheridan’s business programs, the name is likely to have come up at some point. Maybe you heard it randomly in class. A marketing agency brought up in conversation perhaps with your professor? You may not have recognized, however, just how relevant it is to Sheridan College.

Hall of Fame

Did you know that Candybox Marketing was founded by a Sheridan College alumnus? That’s right, a millennial entrepreneur by the name of Darrell Keezer. Darrell has recently been inducted into the Sheridan College Business Hall of Fame in 2014. He is also a familiar face around Sheridan’s HMC Campus. That is because his picture is on the wall. You have probably passed his picture on the third or fourth floor a few times.

Sheridan Business Hall of Fame picture of Darrell Keezer

Darrell’s Business Hall of Fame Picture (Next time you are there, check out HMC’s A building, 3rd and 4th floor)

Darrell’s award winning digital marketing agency, Candybox Marketing, for which he is President and CEO, was established in 2008. The business which is located in Mississauga, has a sweet team and corporate culture. The services they offer include web design, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and social media workshops.

Sheridan’s Not So Hidden Gem

Darrell Keezer went to Sheridan College for Business Administration Marketing and graduated in 2005. He accepts the title of serial entrepreneur since he has accomplished multiple business ventures. Most recently he has added on keynote speaking and is also the author of 37 Ways Your Website Died. His book launch event was even held at Sheridan. But how do former Sheridan students reach this potential, you may be asking yourself? Darrell himself may have the answer to the not so secret ingredient:

“Sheridan College was the starting point in my journey, and a lot of what I do now is as a result of the passion that I picked up from the faculty who mentored me. It wasn’t ever about just getting the job done, but about inspiring us to go beyond the status quo.” – Darrell Keezer

It is likely that most students at Sheridan could agree with Darrell. The faculty is a huge part of the Sheridan experience and has always helped to inspire the students. Darrell seems to have picked up on the passion from faculty and has passed it on as well. A similar learning environment seems to have been transferred over to Darrell’s business. He has even hired several co-op students from Sheridan College. One of whom is Mahfuz Chowdhury.

Project Reinvention

Mahfuz Chowdhury is currently an account manager at Candybox Marketing. According to him, his passion has always been marketing and he loves the idea of creating or working with new ideas. After doing the three year Marketing program at Sheridan College, he also realized the high level of passion that the professors have. He considers the program one of the best decisions of life. This is understandable because through the co-op program, he landed a job with Darrell at Candybox Marketing. Mahfuz has now been working at the company for six years.

Mahfuz started an initiative while at Sheridan College. It was called Project Reinvention. He took his rough start to his post-secondary career and turned it into something positive. It was a successful initiative and years later his first book now has the same title.

Sheridan Book Launch Part 2

It would only make sense for Mahfuz, someone connected to both Sheridan and Candybox Marketing, to have his first book launch at Sheridan as well. The evening will include a presentation, question and answer period, and a book signing. Come out on September 27th, 2017 to support Mahfuz Chowdhury at his very own book launch!

Book Launch Promo Banner

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Are you seeing a trend of paying it forward here? And it all started with sweet, sweet Sheridan.


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By: Maya St. Kitts

Maya St. Kitts is a marketing coordinator for Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business. For her, student engagement is not only a mission, but also a lifestyle. As much as she loves to use the written word in English, communicating in French, German, and Spanish are also her passions.

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