PSB Hosts a Professor Emeritus Luncheon

On Thursday August 10th, the Pilon School of Business hosted a Professor Emeriti luncheon to celebrate those who have achieved this honorable status over the last 20 years. We were fortunate to have the following Professors Emeritus attend: Harry Greening, Bob McElhinney, Charles (Chuck) Minken, Dave Tinker and David Nowell.

Harry Greening, Bob McElhinney, Charles Minken, Dave Tinker, David Nowell - Professor Emeritus Luncheon

“As Sheridan celebrated its 50th anniversary, it was my honor to host a Pilon School of Business Professor Emeritus Luncheon. Our Professor Emeritus have contributed so much to our school over the years. A celebratory luncheon to reminisce over the important milestones our Business School has accomplished in the past years, provided a wonderful occasion to reconnect and, to personally thank our distinguished Professors Emeritus – those, who influenced the foundations of our proud legacy of exceptional teaching, service and, a dedication to learner success!” – Sylvia Lowndes, Dean, Pilon School of Business

Professor Emeritus is a status granted to a retired faculty member. To earn this title, a professor has to make a significant contribution to Sheridan. The granting of this status is based on an admirable record of performance in one or more of the following areas: service and support to Sheridan and its communities, ten years of teaching education, teaching effectiveness and professional contribution. The designation is presented by the Board of Governors and a newly designated Professor Emeritus is acknowledged during convocation ceremonies.

PSB’s Professors Emeritus

1998 – Jim Goodfellow

1999 – Bud Lefebvre

2000 – Harry Greening

2001 – Dave Tinker

2004 – Bob McElhinney

2004 – Diane Howarth

2013 – Brian Lyons

2015 – Mary Kanko

2016 – David Nowell

2017 – Charles (Chuck) Minken

This successful luncheon was the first of its kind, and most certainly not the last. We are looking forward to hosting many more in the future!

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