PSB Academic Awards and Hall of Fame Ceremony 2017

On Tuesday May 30th, the Pilon School of Business hosted their annual Academic Awards and Hall of Fame Ceremony at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

The Academic Awards are given to students who have been nominated by faculty for their outstanding achievements. The Sheridan Business Hall of Fame was established in 2006 to celebrate the accomplishments of Sheridan Business alumni who have become leaders in industry. Inductees into the Hall of Fame serve as an inspiration and a role model for future generations of Sheridan Business students. It was a great night celebrating the students and their successes. Congratulations to the following students!

Adam Allsopp – BDO Canada LLP Award
Adam Madill –  Metroland Media Event Management Award
Alice Aniserowicz – David Drummond Ross Memorial Award
Amy Apostolou – Wallace D. Legge Award
Ana Cierpich – BMO Academic Award
Anastasiia Antonets – PHD Media Award
Andrew Falconi – Lloyd Fell Memorial Award
Angie Garces Sanchez – Helen Rust Memorial Scholarship
Anthony Cesario – Sheridan Advertising Association Super Star Award
Arden Brown – Marketing Faculty Award of Excellence
Austin Adams – David Drummond Ross Memorial Award
Ayesha Zia – BMO Academic Award
Bradley Thompson – Candybox Marketing Digital Excellence 
Bradley Morrison – Spice Technology Group Award of Excellence
Brooke Verbeek – Advertising Club of Toronto Award
Christine Cervania – J.M. Cochrane Memorial Award
Codie Black – Closing the Gap Healthcare Marketing Award
Crystal Shortall – TD Alumni Award of Excellence, Hazel McCallion Award of Excellence
Daniela Garcia – Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd. Award
David John Vagolu – WG Pro Leadership Award
Dominic Neukom – Advertising Club of Toronto Award
Em Kim – Cost and Managerial Accounting Award – HMC
Emily Campbell – Accounting Faculty Award – HMC Campus
Enrique Ponce – Student Engagement Award
Eric Kivell – David Drummond Ross Memorial Award
Farsa Aslam – Mississauga Board of Trade – Women’s Leadership Committee Award of Excellence
Galina Tagoe – Simmons da Silva LLP Award
Gurleen Kaur Thandi – MacGillivray Partners Awards
Harshubh Karan Singh – James Kenefick Memorial Award
Hossam Badawi – BMO Academic Award 
Huy Tran – McGraw-Hill Education Marketing Award
Isaac Mosna – Digital Visionary of the Year Award
Ishaan Sahni – AME Learning Award
Javeria Maheen – George V. Havill Memorial Scholarship
Jenny Kim – Jim and Julie Halfacre Awards
Jessica Tiburcio – Nelson Education Award
Juliet Honnah – Accounting Faculty Award – Davis Campus
Justin Angelo – Seas the Moment Award
Karen Kay Kong – David Drummond Ross Memorial Award
Kathleen Mattice – Renee Dye Memorial Award
Kathy Tran – BMO Academic Award
Kevon Case – BMO Academic Award, AME Learning Award
Kritika Chetan – Davis Campus International Student Award
Kyrylo Diedul – J.M. Cochrane Memorial Award
Laura Diviesti – Raise Foundation Award
Leticia Mauricio Garcia – Student Engagement Award
Lina Vargas Jaramillo – AME Learning Award
Linda Cupini Perazza – Fogler, Rubinoff LLP Award
Manju Vinod – Nelson Education Award
Mara Buhi – MacGillivray Partners Awards
Maria Francis – Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship
Matthew Herchel – Kevin Jaffray Memorial Award
Melody Moss – Nelson Education Business English Award
Michaella-Rose Adaway – TD Alumni Award of Excellence
Muhannad Burghli – BMO Academic Award
Nathalie Laureano – Ken Johnson Memorial Award
Navjit Gill – AME Learning Award
Nhung Ming Smith – Chris Morton Memorial Award
Nicholas Dattoma – Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd. Award
Nickeya Nicholas – Nelson Education Award
Nompilo Madonko Dube – Mississauga Board of Trade – Women’s Leadership Committee Award of Excellence
Rawinder Kaur – David Drummond Ross Memorial Award
Sambidhan Mohanty – Dr. Donna Tuck Finance Award
Sandy Soliman – Halton County Law Association Award
Shanwen Payaket – A&E Income Tax Service Academic Award
Sharon Sinanan – Tourism Faculty Award
Stephanie Sun – Canadian Association of Broadcast Representatives Rita Fabian Award
Susan Lau – AME Learning Award
Tanya Anand – BMO Academic Award
Tariq Hurd – Cost and Managerial Accounting Award – Davis
Thanujanthy Sittampalam – Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd. Award
Tiana Smits – Hollend Furnishings Scholarship
Tishanie Mandy Jairam – Nelson Education Award for Excellence in Business Communications
Victoria Christensen – BMO Academic Award
Yiannis Boutsalis – BMO Academic Award, John Anthony Holland Memorial Scholarship for Leadership in Economics
Zeeshan Chaudry – BMO Academic Award

To see pictures from the event, visit our Facebook page.

By: Tori Kern

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