Meet the Class of 2017 PSB Valedictorians

 Lauren Candice Dodds – Business

Lauren Candice Dodds is a graduate of the Business General Diploma program.  In addition to her education at Sheridan, Lauren takes American Sign Language courses through the Halton Regional Police Department.  Being an active member in her community, Lauren has been a fundraising volunteer with the Acton Fire Fighters Association for over 10 years and participates in Department run events.   During her time at Sheridan, Lauren attended multiple workshops including the Virox Future Forum, Experience Point, and the MEC Outdoor Nation Business Summit in which she proposed a plan to get her community healthier and active outdoors.  Lauren will be continuing her education in the Emergency Management Graduate Certificate program at Algonquin College in the fall.  Having accepted a position at M Tiley Group in Milton, Ontario. Lauren will be pursuing her love of Social Media Marketing and Customer Relations while completing her education online.

Nehal Philips – Bachelor of Business Administration Global Business Management

Nehal Phillips is a graduate of the BBA- Global Business Management program. In addition to being part of the last graduating class of the Global Business Management program at Sheridan, Nehal is an active member of the Sheridan community and has held  a variety of leadership roles. As Vice-President of Internal for the Pilon School of Business Competition Team, he was instrumental in developing a peer-to-peer training program, supported the recruitment and growth of the team and worked collaboratively with on campus clubs to increase awareness of case competitions. Nehal has also actively competed in case competitions himself representing Sheridan at the local and national level. Nehal was a member of Enactus Sheridan, developing projects and presenting them at the Enactus Canada Exposition, and an Executive Chair of the Sheridan BBA Student Council. Nehal’s passion for helping people has inspired him to choose a career path in business development that focuses on creativity, sustainability and long term growth, while making a difference within the community.

Testimonials from our Valedictorians

“Graduating from Sheridan was a very bittersweet experience for me. I will miss the wonderful learning opportunities, bonding experiences with wonderful people and mentoring from amazing educators. I am looking forward to the next step of life, where I can continue to grow like I did at Sheridan. In the future, I hope to use my education and skills to seek new opportunities to inspire positive change around me and the community I am part of.

I’d like to thank the Faculty and Professors for their incredible dedication and commitment to helping students gain knowledge and become successful business professionals. Their continuous encouragement and support helps every student realize their true potential and empowers them to become successful within their community.” – Nehal Philips

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