Enactus Sheridan Receives Shopify Partnership

This week marks another amazing accomplishment for Enactus Sheridan!

Earlier this month, Enactus Canada presented an opportunity in partnership with Shopify – an e-commerce platform that gives users the chance to create an online store and sell their products. They were offering ten free one-year memberships on Shopify for the selected applicants to operate their own digital storefronts. The application was open to all sixty-six teams across Canada, and Enactus Sheridan’s project team for Project ArtXposed (Thomas Rogers, Pierre Quan, Timothy Jason, Kelsey Duff, Dillon Doherty, Jerome Knight, Olga Hernandez) saw this as an important opportunity for their future. After working diligently for four days straight, the project team developed their application, making sure it was top-quality. As a result of their effort, they received confirmation on June 19th that they won one of the desired partnerships!

“The partnership is essentially going to be the core of ArtXposed. This is largely because an e-commerce platform would give easier access for art enthusiasts as buyers and students as sellers to connect together. We are hoping to bring higher traffic into the project through the use of this, which will magnify the impact of our project.” – Timothy Jason, Project Lead for Project ArtXposed

Project ArtXposed was created to help Sheridan’s dedicated and ambitious design students, who work countless hours throughout the year to create art pieces for assignments – pieces that ultimately end up in Sheridan storage collecting dust. Not only does this buildup of inventory absorb valuable space for students, it reduces the art pieces to being just assignments. These students should have the opportunity to showcase their artwork as being more than an assignment. Furthermore, these art pieces eventually end up in a landfill, increasing overall waste levels and disposal of potentially harmful chemicals. While conducting this needs assessment, ArtXposed also identified another opportunity – to introduce these design students to the world of business and provide them with some business knowledge.

Enactus Sheridan Art Xposed Logo

Through ArtXposed, the team plans to showcase the Sheridan art community to the public, as well as educate the students on how to brand themselves as artists. Additionally, they plan to provide the students with an alternative source of income to help secure themselves financially throughout their post-secondary journey. The plan is to create an online platform where students can sell their art pieces to the public. Selling the art will also help free up valuable storage space at Sheridan College and reduce waste. ArtXposed strives to build a new avenue that enables students to gain exposure to the art industry and help the environment through waste reduction.

Congratulations to Enactus Sheridan, your hard work is paying off!

If you would like more information about Enactus Sheridan or Enactus Canada, please visit the following links:

Enactus Sheridan:

Enactus Canada: http://www.enactus.ca

By: Tori Kern

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