An Exciting Couple of Days for Our Graduates and Faculty!

It’s that time of year again! On June 5th and June 6th, the Pilon School of Business hosted their Convocation at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. Students and faculty proudly came together to celebrate the work that they had both put in over the last few years – work that brought students to this successful moment in their lives. Graduation is a time filled with reflection, happiness, and excitement about the future. Walking through the halls on both days, you could see our students brimming with these emotions as they eagerly lined up in their gowns.

The ceremonies were led graciously by Dr. Janet Morrison, Provost & Vice President Academic and featured a special appearance from Canadian politician, businesswoman, and the first Chancellor of Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion. Hazel enthusiastically congratulated the class of 2017, inspired the audience with her story and expressed how proud she was of all the students.

“Don’t fear the future, be committed to shape it. Shape the future of every community you live in, every job that you undertake, and therefore shape the future of Canada, the best country in the world!” – Hazel McCallion

The Convocation speakers, John Howlett and Doug Payne, shared their life experiences and gave the students advice on how to achieve greatness, but also encouraged them to live a balanced life and not to lose themselves along the way. Afterwards, students made their way across the stage, received their diploma/degree from President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Mary Preece, and shook hands with the faculty who helped get them to that moment on stage.

After the ceremony, students gathered to share stories and take pictures with friends, family, and faculty. After speaking with many students during this time, it became very clear how much of an impact Sheridan has made in their lives.

“Getting a degree, diploma or certificate seemed like something so arbitrary. Most people have one; it is just an expensive piece of paper. However, as I held that degree in my hands, it became more of a reality that these 4 years had changed me. In first year, a professor wanted us to pay attention, he said: ‘we will forget most of what we were taught if we don’t practice it, which is natural. It is not important for us to try and remember all the theory because information is free and evolves constantly. Our real take away from active learning in Sheridan is that the program teaches us how to think. This is what we can use to grow our careers…’ I was constantly challenged, inspired, motivated and in awe of the impact that each professor had made in our lives. As a second home, many acted as a mother/father figure, giving us the passion and courage to achieve greatness. Their knowledge and experience added new perspectives to thinking that made this journey unforgettable. We truly appreciate their hard work and dedication.” – Joanna Wang, Graduate of Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Global Business Management)

“At first, enrolling at Sheridan College, was an opportunity to attend a school close to home. But now Sheridan is like my second home. The school has given me the opportunity to flourish academically and socially. Sheridan and its staff and faculty have given me more than an education, they’ve given me confidence through academics to pursue my career, the inspiration to become a social entrepreneur,  and empowering me to give back to my community.
My professors at Sheridan were more than just staff members that taught me Organizational Behaviour or Human Resources. They helped shaped my path to success. To that, I say thank you! Thank you for believing in me, answering my endless questions, supporting my dreams and challenging my mind. My professors taught me that sometimes we all need a little help and someone who believes in us. Thank you for being that someone!” – Ming Smith, Graduate of Business Administration – Human Resources

Congratulations to all of our Graduates! We are so proud of each of you and we hope that the coming years are filled with great success!

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By: Tori Kern


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