Welcome to the new 2017-2018 PSBCT Executive Team

The Pilon School of Business Competition Team is excited to welcome a new executive team to lead the 2017-2018 school year. This comes after the departure of the previous PSBCT executive team, who have recently graduated and are ready to pass on the torch. The new team consists of Cole Arnett (President), Astawa Alam (VP External), Sebastian Carrillo (VP Internal), and Timothy Jason Rahardjo (Competition Coordinator). In addition to the new team, two new positions have been added to the executive team in order to ensure long-term growth and productivity within the PSBCT. The team is also geared to expand further by bringing in new content, workshops, sponsorship and case competitions to participate in.

Astawa Alam, who will be taking on the role of the new VP External, says “The welcoming PSBCT has not only helped sharpen my business acumen but also opened up many doors for me. I’m very excited to be serving as VP External Affairs!”


The PSB would like to thank Nehal Phillips, Joanna Wang, and Nick Soares for all of their hard work and commitment for the past four years, and would like to wish them good luck with their future endeavors.

Nehal Phillips, the outgoing VP Internal said the following about his experience:

“The Pilon School of Business Competition Team (PSBCT) was an amazing experience to be a part of. Through workshops and case-based learning, I was able to learn about creative problem-solving and leadership skills, while mentoring new members to participate in case competitions and represent Sheridan.”

The outgoing PSBCT Executive Team. From let to right: Nick Soares ( President), Joanna Wang (VP External), Nehal Phillips ( VP Internal).

The Pilon School of Business Competition Team (PSBCT) was created in 2014 to allow Sheridan Students to learn and develop various skill sets through local, national and global case competitions. PSBCT does this by allowing students to benchmark their skills against the best students nationally or globally, network with the best employers worldwide, and by giving a competitive advantage when applying for jobs. PSBCT accomplishes this through weekly training, building improvisation skills, industry case analysis, and learning professional development from Sheridan professors as well as industry experts. 


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