The first ever Young Women in Business Day

On May 6th, the Women in Business Committee hosted their first event with over 150 young Girl Guides and Pathfinders – the Young Women in Business Day. This event was developed by Ming Smith, an active leader with the Girl Guides of Canada and the founder of the Women in Business Committee. Ming and her team recognized that young women in our community needed education and empowerment when it comes to gender disparities, and developed the Young Women in Business Program. This event is one of the first steps in achieving these goals intended by the program.

“We also want to expand to schools, so it isn’t just about being a Girl Guide, we want to break the barriers for all the girls. So we want to go into schools, we want to go into remote communities, and then we want to take this Nationally as far as we can take it.” – Ming Smith

The goal of the event was to empower and provide support to these young girls through the power of education. The event incorporated an array of fun and engaging activities for the girls to participate in. Through these activities, they were able to learn about different business fields such as marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources. They were tailored to the different age groups so the girls could apply this knowledge in their day-to-day lives. For example, Pathfinders (ages 11-14) learned about resume building – an effective tool they can immediately applied when they turn 15 and enter the workforce.

The girls were also rewarded with the Canadian Advertising badge and the Sheridan Young Women in Business Commemorative Crest, for their participation in the event. By giving these girls a new understanding of possible careers in business, a knowledge surrounding important business skills, and boosting their confidence, the hope was that they can feel fearless in choosing any career they wish.

The most amazing and memorable moment of the day was when honorable MP Ikra Khalid read a letter from the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. The letter was a highlight because it acknowledged the hard work of the Sheridan College Women in Business Committee, as well as the importance of empowering youth, particularly young women.



With the Girl Guides of Canada showing such an interest, Ming and her team have an opportunity to grow this program and make an even stronger impact in the future.

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By: Tori Kern


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