Enactus Nationals 2017

2016-2017 Enactus Sheridan Executive Team

On May 8th, Enactus Sheridan set off to Vancouver to participate in the Enactus Canada National Exposition. At Nationals, Enactus teams from all over Canada present the most impactful projects they have been working on since the previous year. There are three rounds of competition: opening round, semi-final round, and the final round. The judges make their decision based on which Enactus team is the most effective in their use of entrepreneurial action to empower and improve lives in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. Although everyone is competing against each other, the energy and support among students is undeniable because they all share a common goal: make the world a more sustainable place. This is why opening ceremonies at Enactus competitions are so dynamic – everyone is celebrating each other and the powerful movement of Enactus.

The team that proudly represented our school included: President Thomas Rogers, Project Director/LIFE Project Lead Pierre Quan, Chief HR Officer/YWIB Project Lead Ming Smith, Chief Marketing Officer Gursimar Anand, Chief Financial Officer Hamlet Shahmirzaian, Communications Director Kelsey Duff, Samantha Sulit, Karly O’Brien, Puneet Badh, Nehal Phillips, Joanna Wang, Tori Kern, Jerome Knight, Timothy Jason, Megan Geurts, Dillon Doherty, David Robertson, Shadman Chowdhury, and Faculty Advisor Ruben Burga. Over the last year, the team has been working diligently to develop and execute their projects. Having participated back in March at the Regionals Exposition, they were eager to present the exceptional progress they had made since then.

We’re expanding our team to create a more diverse and interdisciplinary organization” – Pierre Quan

On May 10th, the opening rounds of competition began and our presentation team took the stage. The presentation emphasized two core projects, Project LIFE and the Young Women in Business Program. The former was created to increase the financial literacy of secondary and post-secondary students. Whereas the latter was created to address gender disparities by increasing awareness of various fields in business and inspire young women to foster their career goals. The team was part of League B, where they directly competed against BCIT, McMaster University, University of Windsor, Humber College, and University of Saskatchewan.

The highlight of the event was the awards ceremony, where our team received some exciting news! Our team won Opening Round Runner Up, which is the highest achievement Enactus Sheridan has ever received. With 61 teams competing overall, and so many amazing projects, this is an incredible accomplishment.

Enactus Sheridan National Presentation Team

So what is in the future for Enactus Sheridan?

Feeling more motivated than ever, the team is looking forward to continuing their hard work and incredible impact over the next year. Keep an eye on them, they are going to do great things!

If you want more information about Enactus Sheridan or Enactus Canada, or you would like to watch our presentation team in Nationals, please visit the following links:

Presentation – https://www.facebook.com/EnactusSheridan/
Enactus Sheridan – http://www.enactussheridan.ca
Enactus Canada – http://www.enactus.ca


By: Tori Kern

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