Attention Underdogs!

Do you have an idea for a business or organization that will positively affect your community? Or do you simply have a curiosity for social entrepreneurship? If so, we have an event for you!

On Wednesday, May 31st, Sheridan College Entrepreneurs will be hosting Underdogs: A Dialogue on Social Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Fuse Brampton. Both groups are dedicated to the development of a socially innovative culture. They wish to evolve the ideas of young entrepreneurs in order to create sustainability, which is why they are co-hosting this event. Registration will be required and can be done through our Eventbrite page: The evening will explore the path of a social entrepreneur and address how you can use entrepreneurial tools to help find solutions to social and environmental problems. The discussion panel will feature the following guest speakers:

Sir Ryan O’Neil Knight, founder and CEO of Detailing Knights – a leadership program that empowers youth and teaches them how to run their own business. It operates as a mobile car cleaning service that travels to clients homes or their offices at their convenience. They have provided companies (Zipcar Toronto, Toyota, and Hyundai) with this service to reduce costs of training/managing staff to keep cars clean.

Chris Pyper,  CTO of Blockthrough – an innovative program that allows online publishers to provide content through advertising, granting them the right compensation, but also respecting the user experience of those who are on the websites. Blockthrough does not support intrusive and interruptive ads, however, they believe in the balance of the internet and in industry acceptable ad policies.

Kanwar Singh, an artist spreading Sikh art worldwide through his online platform and art shop, the Art of Punjab. ““Painting is a way to stop a moment in time and share it with generations to come. You look at a painting today as Sikhs years from now will but due to our shared heritage you feel the same thing and in that way you achieve a connection beyond time. That connection is the joy which moves me to create.”

Shauna Kay Jones, co-founder of Motify – a virtual platform that was created to help assist those with autism in order to develop essential skills. The interview prep tool is just one example of the many tools offered. This feature incorporates facial and vocal analysis to provide feedback to the user, so they are better equipped for future interviews. Utilizing the features provided will lead users to more successful and fulfilling lives, socially and productively.


The evening will take place from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at our Davis CampusH153.
Registration is required. Snacks, drinks, and good company with like-minded people will be provided.
To register for the event, please use the following link:

Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there!


By: Tori Kern

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