PSB hosts its 5th annual Internal Case Competition

On April 1st, Sheridan Pilon School of Business hosted it’s fifth annual Pilon School of Business Case Competition at the HMC campus. This year there were 8 teams which competed in the Marketing division. Students competed in teams of two and were assigned a business case where they were given a period of 48 hours to analyze the case and then build a presentation for a panel of judges.

The panel of judges included Karen Booth, Michelle Guile, John MacRae, Carol Bureau, Ruben Burga, Andrei Filippovich, and Lena Sapich. After each presentation, the judges were able to ask the team questions, which enabled the participants to put their marketing skills to the test.

“The PSB Marketing Case Competition provided an excellent opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a real-world business problem.  It is definitely a win-win.  The client gained new insights into their business and students received invaluable feedback and experience.”

-Carol Bureau, Professor of Marketing

Ruben Burga, Associate Dean at Sheridan College, summarized the experience as, “an amazing opportunity for [Sheridan] students to get involved in a real life application of the marketing skills that they have learned.” He further stated that the Pilon School of Business Case Competition enabled students, “to use skills they have learned with an actual entrepreneurial company like Rije and was a great opportunity for the students to present creative solutions as well as for the client to provide relevant and constructive comments.”

This winners for this year included: Arden Brown and Mark Faber (2nd place Marketing Advanced), Samy Chemam and Anna Turek (1st place marketing Advanced), Asilah Khan and Ana Consuelo Obiang Nsuga (2nd place Marketing Novice), as well as Dorothy Reczek and Arriane Lo (1st place Marketing Novice).

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for this year’s competition!

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