Advertising and Bachelor of Film and TV Student Collaboration Project

The Project

Sheridan’s Advertising students recently collaborated with Bachelor of Film and TV (BFTV) students in an effort to produce 12 video commercials for a real client: MIKA Audio.The purpose of this project was to expose students to the complex working relationships and processes involved in advertising, creative development, and the production industry by allowing them to produce commercials in a realistic simulation.

This project was the work of an incredible team which consisted of 20 Advertising students and 82 BFTV students. The project also involved several Sheridan faculty, which included; Iryna Molodecky, Professor of Advertising, as well as Ian Thompson, Michael Kennedy, David Barlow, Tracy German, all professors of the BFTV program.The Advertising students were divided into 6 teams, whereas the BFTV students were split into 12 production teams.

The Process

The project followed a process which began with Advertising students developing the concepts and then selecting a “Production House” to film their spot. Following this, the students would meet with their production team to discuss the particulars of the execution from how scenes should be shot, to location, talent and props.

Afterwards, the students attended the shoot and gave feedback on the rough cut and editing process. This step in particular was an eye opening experience for everyone involved! Ultimately, the final videos were screened on a big screen for all, including the client. The client plans to upload the videos to their social media sites, thereby providing real exposure.

The Result

The project ended with an incredibly happy client and ecstatic students who were grateful to be part of such a wonderful and educational experience. Following the project, Derek Mascarenhas and Saurabh Ananth from MIKA Audio sent thanks to all students and professors, and expressed their interest in working with the students again in the future.

The quality of the planning and execution on the students part was nothing short of phenomenal! The rest of our team are ecstatic to see the videos and we can’t wait to share them on our social media.”

-MIKA Audio Team

For the students, this was truly an eye opening experience. One student described the experience as a, ” positive and educational experience”, while another stated that they were able to, “have a much deeper understanding and respect for the work the film and television students do”. A huge congratulations on the success of this project to everyone involved!


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