The New and Improved HMC Library

Sheridan Library is home to some of the most essential services and individuals that the student body will utilize during their time at Sheridan. Recently, the Hazel McCallion Campus underwent some major renovations, which included transforming the library. Claire Wollen, a key faculty member at the library, answered some important questions for students and was kind enough to give a tour of the new and improved HMC library.

Meet Claire Wollen

Claire Wollen – Pilon School of Business Librarian

Claire Wollen is the Pilon School of Business librarian. Her primary role is to provide support to student and faulty on all three campuses by helping students with their research, find resources, and help faculty with preparing research assignments. Students will occasionally meet Claire in their classes, as she often does class visits to guide students with their research process and helps them in finding the best academic sources they can use for their projects.

Claire believes that the library is a key element in helping student navigate through the huge range of information that they have within the library and the internet. She states, “there’s just so much information! it can be overwhelming where to find information and how to approach certain topics. That’s why we’re here to help students to evaluate information and act as guides.”

Claire’s advice to first year students at Sheridan College is one which she hopes students will remember whenever they need help with their academics. She says, ” When students need help they should contact the library or me. Whether it be through e-mail or if they want to meet in person. The library is here to help.” She continues by pointing out that, ” the unique thing about HMC is that we’re a business library. This means that we know the resources, the assignments, and we have the tools students need to succeed. They just have to ask!”

What’s New at the HMC Library?

One of the major changes made to the HMC library is that it has been divided into two floors. The first floor contains the tutoring center, as well as a  study area in front of Starbucks, so you can enjoy hot drinks on those long study days! In addition to this, there are 108 additional seats in the quiet and collaborative areas of the library.

Next, the silent study area has expanded and is now on the second floor outside the library. The silent study room has also been redesigned and now has additional electrical outlets. The silent study space has a fireplace and 33 additional seats that were added.

The library now has an additional printer on the second floor as well as a larger collections of journal titles, books, and DVDs. So don’t forget to approach them for academic resources!

Finally, an Academic Integrity office has been added to the library to provide assistance to students through academic integrity sanctioning process. This includes our new academic coordinator, Angela Clark, who will be guiding the academic integrity initiatives.

Claire believes that students don’t sometimes realize how much time they can save by visiting the library. There were times where students would extensively wait for Claire to visit their class, but Claire wants students to know that they don’t have to wait for her! They can simply e-mail her at and book an appointment.

Take advantage of the free services at the library and enhance your learning significantly! The colourful interior, friendly staff, and plethora of services will make learning a relaxing and enjoyable experience as you engage in your academic career.

By: Supy Ghose



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