Sheridan Students Compete in the Sixth Annual SCMA Competition.


SCMA Competitors (bottom row: Samy Chemam, Nicholas Soares, Thomas Rogers, Joanna Wang) (top row: Nehal Phillips, Hamlet Shahmirzaeian , Cole Arnett)

On February 27th, the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) hosted its sixth annual student case competition at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University in Burlington. This competition was an excellent opportunity to allow students to showcase their supply chain knowledge, case analysis skills, and business acumen towards solving a case to a panel of judges based in the supply chain industry.

This year, Sheridan had two teams of four members that competed on behalf of the college. Anna Turek, Cole Arnett, Hamlet Shahmirzaeian and Samy Chemam made up the first team (Team 17), while Joanna Wang, Nehal Phillips, Nicholas Soares and Thomas Rogers made up the second team (Team 20). Phil Adams helped prepare the teams and coach them with valuable supply chain knowledge and industry concepts, while both Crystal Bennett and Phil Adams provided motivational support and coaching to the two teams as they prepared for the competition.

“The SCMA Competition was wonderful, as I had a chance to connect with industry professionals through networking. I had an amazing opportunity to learn about myself and my strengths through the competition. Only by exposing yourself to potential failure can you learn to succeed in the future.” – Thomas Rogers, 4th year BBA Global Business Management student

During the competition, both teams had the opportunity to solve the case and prepare a transportation solution for a company in another country. The competition was followed by professional speed networking with supply chain industry professionals, who were more than eager to share their industry experiences and career advice with the competitors.

Cole Arnett, a 1st year BBA Human Resources student noted that, “ the SCMA competition was an amazing opportunity to network with companies, test our skills and ability to adapt to supply chain based issues. It helped me broaden my business knowledge and perspective of the supply chain community. This whole competition was a truly humbling and completely fulfilling, and a definite must-try experience.”

This year, Team 17 (Anna Turek, Cole Arnett, Hamlet Shahmirzaeian and Samy Chemam) received an Honorable Mention (4th place), while Team 20 (Joanna Wang, Nehal Phillips, Nicholas Soares and Thomas Rogers) placed 5th in the Eastern RegionalRound.

Phil Adams, a supply chain coach remarked,“the SCMA case competition is a great opportunity to network with like-minded students and to interact with industry professionals. The competition is a great opportunity for our students to tackle a real life challenge and test their team problem solving and presentation skills.  The competitors can be proud of their professional approach to the case and the networking sessions and how they represented Sheridan”.

Congratulations to all of this year’s competitors for their hard-work and dedication throughout the competition. Special thanks to Phil Adams for coaching the team for the competition, Crystal Bennett and the Pilon School of Business, the Pilon School of Business Competition Team, and Sheridan College for supporting and facilitating our teams as they prepared for the competition.

By: Nehal Phillips


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