2016 Social Media Competition

On October 1st Sheridan College hosted its annual Social Media Competition at the HMC campus. In teams of two, students were given a client brief with only a few days to analyze, generate ideas and build a presentation to present to the client, The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra. This Social Media Competition gave students an opportunity to build their presentation skills and compete against their peers.


Brooke Verbeek – a Marketing and Advertising student and winner of the 2016 Social Media Challenge, commented on her experience saying, “Something that will definitely stick with me from the competition is how to present solutions to clients in a diplomatic way as to not be off-putting. It’s very important to be able to address an issue, without making it sound like an issue.”

Congratulations to this year’s winners Brooke Verbeek & Dana Doppenberg and all those who participated in the event. Other finalist include Jonathan Sharpe, Montana Kingsbury, Tina Tran, and Vivian Nguyen.

Special thanks to Michelle Guile, Karen Booth and Chantel Windmoller for judging this year’s event along with Ryan Tobin from The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra.

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