PSB and SSU hosts its 2nd annual PSB Block Party

In partnership with the Sheridan Student Union (SSU) and Sheridan Student Affairs, the Pilon School of Business hosted its 2nd annual PSB Block Party at the HMC Campus on September 9. Students from all business programs were invited to play carnival games, enter into a raffle to win some amazing prizes, as well as to enjoy some food, drinks, and music with their peers.

To start off the event, there were numerous carnival games that were placed in different areas of Scholar’s Green (a community park located behind Sheridan’s HMC Campus). Each game was run by a different club or association allowing students to connect with academic leaders and other peers. Once students played the carnival game, they were given tickets that could be traded in to buy cotton candy, popcorn, or raffle tickets that entered them into a draw for a chance to win a large prize pack.

After the carnival games, the block party moved into the HMC cafeteria where the SSU hosted a pub night that featured music, dancing, drinks and water pong.

For a quick look at the event, check out the video below!

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