PSB Diploma to Degree Student Recognition and Referral Program

Earlier this year, the Pilon School of Business (PSB) introduced a new student recognition and referral initiative that was suggested recently by one of our PSB professors.

The goal of the PSB student recognition and referral initiative is twofold:

1. To recognize our high performing, upper year, diploma and advanced diploma students,
2. While concurrently, encouraging PSB graduating students to opt for degree completion (diploma to degree) pathway opportunities within the PSB.

The process we will initiate is quite simple:

  • Beginning in February, professors, who are so inclined, are asked to identify and recommend graduating students with the academic performance and attitude to be successful in the BBA programs.
  • Student names (include student # and course) fitting this profile are to be forwarded to Crystal Bennett who will review academic eligibility for BBA degree completion.
  • Once eligibility is confirmed, students will receive a letter from myself
  • The letter will:
    1. congratulate the student for their strong academic and/or personal accomplishments in the diploma program;
    2. highlight the commendation of the referring professor; and
    3. invite the nominated student to attend a special BBA Degree Completion Information Session.

Your support is instrumental in order for us to identify and recognize our exceptional students. Kindly take a few moments to submit your student recommendations using the button below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Crystal Bennett at:




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