Sheridan Places 2nd in HRA Case Competition 2016

“Experiential learning in action, this is what competitions are all about” – Dr. Shady Hana

This is the first year the University of Windsor Human Resources Association Case Competition has welcomed 5 schools to compete alongside their own students. Representing Sheridan this year was: Anastasia Zecevic, Jaqueline Geisler, Keishera Davis and Lee-Anne Dunk.

hraccAccording to the HRA website: Odette’s Human Resources Association provides students with not only this opportunity to develop meaningful case experience but also to learn more about themselves in the process. Their goal in hosting the HRACC is ultimately to influence students in growing their skills, stretching their knowledge, networking with other like-minded individuals and encouraging healthy competition among students.

Team coach, Dr. Shady Hana commented on the competition saying, “Experiential learning in action, this is what competitions are all about. I was amazed by the ability of this team to come together in such a short preparation period. Their determination to win and the hours they put in was truly admirable, they had a great coach – Ashely Bennington.”  Human Resources student Keishera Davis added, “Getting familiar with other students from different schools that are doing what we’re doing was enlightening as you see and hear different possible paths one can take in our program. I gained a lot of insight on what to do next and I will definitely commit to doing business competitions in the future.”

The third place prize of $500 went to the University of Windsor, second place prize of $1000 was earned by Sheridan College and first place of $1500 was awarded to St. Clair College. Congratulations to all of the competitors for their hard work and dedication throughout the competition.

Special thanks to Dr. Shady Hana & Ashley Bennington for coaching.

By Sheldon Samlall

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