Celebrate the Harvest!

“Be the Change Project”

Written By: Hannah Davis

1On Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at 11:00-12:30pm in front of the Sheridan Bookstore in B-Wing the aroma of hot, fresh pasta wafted through the air. The Sheridan Business Council was handing out bowls of free pasta with donations being accepted. What was interesting about this pasta was that it was made with vegetables grown here in Sheridan’s very own garden on Davis campus! This is one of many ideas born out of the “Sheridan Be the Change” project which is all about building community and growth opportunities for students outside of class at Sheridan. Some past projects have included:

  • Sustainability / Wellness
    • Community Vegetable Garden > Harvest Fresh Pasta > Healthy Breakfast
  • Social Enterprise
    • Social Enterprise is a business that invest in people
    • How to start your own Social Enterprise Workshop
  • Connections/Recreation
    • Social Nights > Movie Night > BBQ > Soccer games

324Flyers were also being handed promoting awareness of all the Business Clubs available for students to join and explore. While pasta was being given out students had the opportunity to write their ideas of the changes they would like to see at school. Here’s what the students of Sheridan had to say:

  • Grow more trees x 2
  • Changing world with smile and love
  • Bigger, better cleaner gym
  • Promote health and wellness x2
  • Make students more aware of sporting events
  • Creating a positive environment at Sheridan
  • Add food waste bins to residence
  • Respect everyone
  • Be courteous
  • Carpool to save gas and reduce CO2
  • Change yourself first, the world will get changed, start now
  • Encourage the people to bring clothes, shoes and extra books for the needed persons
  • Less smoking
  • Help people
  • Peace, Equality
  • Be aware of the environmental benefits
  • More vegan food options
  • Ask students to participate in extra-curriculars

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