5 Things to do at Convocation

After all those late night study sessions, hours spent researching, writing assignments and tests, and conducting presentations, you’ve finally made it! All that hard work you spent in the last 2 or 3 years has finally paid off. Now all that’s left to do is walk up on stage in your cap and gown and get that diploma you earned.

Although convocation is already an exciting day for everyone involved, here are 5 things you can do that will make your graduation day a whole lot better:

1. Share your experience through social media using the hashtag #Sbizgrad2015

Social media class

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The day you graduate from college is going to be one of your proudest moments and what better way to celebrate than to share your special day with everyone you know?

2. Cheer for your colleagues as they walk up on stage


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There is no better feelings than having hundreds of people clapping and cheering for you as you walk up on stage.


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And if you happen to fall down, just remember to take a deep breath and get back up. If Jennifer Lawrence can do it at the Oscars, you can get through it too!

3. Take a selfie with your favourite professor




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Or better yet a take a selfie with your entire graduating class using a selfie stick!

4. Have a photo shoot with your friends and family



Graduation is an important day that you’ll want to remember. So take a ton of pictures to capture this moment because it only happens a few times in life.

5. Make sure to thank your teachers!

Thank you

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Your teachers have spent just as much time in the classroom as you have, so remember to thank them for doing what they do!

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