Ali Zaheer is Named the Ontario Co-op Student of the Year by EWO

Written by: Marianne Sy-Lucero

Each year, Education at Work Ontario (EWO) recognizes the achievement of one University co-op student and one College co-op student for their exemplary work in a cooperative education program. Students are chosen through a nomination process, whereby a member of an EWO institution or a participating co-op employer can nominate up to two candidates for the award. Each winner receives a certificate and $750.

The Pilon School of Business is proud to announce that Business Administration – Finance student, Ali Zaheer, was selected by EWO as their Provincial Co-op Student of the Year for Ontario Colleges. Ricardo Chavez, Software Development and Network Engineering student at Sheridan, has received an honourable mention from the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE) for colleges across Canada and was also awarded an honourable mention from EWO.

Congratulations to Ali and Ricardo for their recognition at the national and provincial levels of this award. Both students were selected to compete for the national and provincial awards after being named Sheridan Co-op Students of the Year as part of our internal award competition. This year’s 5 Sheridan Co-op Student of the Year Award winners were:

  • Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design:  Danielle Panetta (Illustration)
  • Faculty of Applied Science & Technology – Computing:  Joao Ricardo D’Errico Chavez (Computer Systems Technology – Software Development and Network Engineering)
  • Faculty of Applied Science & Technology – Engineering: Chris Mason (Architectural Technology)
  • Pilon School of Business: Ali Zaheer (Business Administration-Finance)
  • Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies: Bethany Grady (Early Childhood Leadership)

For more information on about EWO’s nomination and selection process please visit:

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