Sheridan Board of Governors Call for Nomination

Every year a students has the opportunity to join the Sheridan Board of Governors. This is a highly sought after position that provides you with the chance to expand your network, learn about governance and be apart of approving important policies and by-laws.

What to know how you can apply?

Application Process

To run in the election students must complete the 2015 nomination form

Nominations are due by Wednesday, March 4 (5:00 p.m.).  The list of Candidates will be posted to the College web site on March 5, at which time the candidates may begin their campaign.

For more information or questions you can email Elizabeth Benson

2015 call for nominations

The Boards Mandate

The Sheridan Board of Governors has responsibility for the stewardship of Sheridan by establishing appropriate governance and risk management strategies to ensure the institution’s strategic objectives and outcomes are met, its assets are protected, and its long-term growth and sustainability are assured.

It must conduct the affairs of the institution lawfully and in accordance with approved guidelines, policies and by-laws and uphold Sheridan’s values. The Board delegates responsibility for general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of Sheridan to the President. The Board supervises and evaluates management’s execution of Board approved strategies and plans.

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