6 Things You Need to Do This Semester

Written by: Marianne Sy-Lucero

1. Build Up Your Co-Curricular Record

Classroom at Sheridan's HMC Campus

As a student it’s important to develop your professional skills outside of the classroom. Whether you attend a workshop or seminar, compete at a case competition, or join a club, all of these activities can be added to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Activities are listed in the CCR’s directory and once students have completed the minimum number of participation hours for an activity, they can request to have it added to their CCR. All of the activities listed provide students with learning opportunities that can encourage personal growth and professional development.

2. Attend the Virox Future Forum

Virox Future Forum 2015 Cover Photo
The Virox Future Forum features highly esteemed business professionals such as Randy Pilon, Sean Wise, Scott Stratten, and Gerrard Puccio. Each guest speaker will be speaking about their experiences in the business world and how you can use your creative skills and your passions to help generate opportunities for yourself. This all-day event is FREE of charge for all Sheridan Business students and is on Wednesday, February 25, 2015. To apply to attend to the most anticipated event of the year click here!

Added bonus: students can add this event to their Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

3.Compete Against Your Classmates

Compete in a team at Sheridan's PSB case competitions

If you’re looking for reasons to use the knowledge and skills you’ve obtained in the classroom, you will definitely want to compete in the Sheridan PSB Case Competitions (PSB CC) happening in March 2015.  During these events, you will have the opportunity to develop your analytical, creative, and presentation skills. Not only will you build on your skills, but you will also have the chance to network with faculty, staff, and other students. The PSB CC can also give you a glimpse of what it would feel like to compete externally at competitions such as OCMC, ICBC, and SCMA.

There are six events: Advertising, Tourism & Travel, Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance.

4. Work for a Client

Hoops All-Stars Social Media Challenge 2015

Ever wonder what it would feel like to work with a client? Well, this is your chance!

Hoops All-Stars is a not-for-profit organization that organizes basketball camps for underprivileged youth. Currently, they do not have any social media presence and need your help to develop a strategy that will reach their demographic. On March 5th, in teams up to 4 members, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to the client for a chance to win Raptors tickets! Don’t forget that this is also a great way to gain experience, develop your skills, and network with others. Click here to register for the Hoops All-Stars Social Media challenge.

5. Get A Job On Campus

Become a Peer Mentor at Sheridan

Being able to work on campus allows you to meet new people, develop your skills, build your resume and your commute is next to nothing!

There is no better feeling than working where you study and there are plenty of jobs on campus. If you are a senior student who enjoys mentoring other then make sure you attend one of the Peer Mentor Information Sessions happening this week to find out how you could become a Peer Mentor.

Click here to learn more about the Peer Mentor Program.

HMC – Tuesday Feb 10, at 11am in room A247

Trafalgar – Wednesday Feb 11, at 11am in room B124 and 4pm in B104a

Davis – Thursday Feb 12, at 11am in room B236b and 4pm in B236b

6. Stay Fit and Have Fun

Stay fit and have fun

Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod from body break had it right “stay fit and have fun”. Make sure you take a break from studying and do something fun, whether it’s going to the gym, joining a club or dancing up a storm at pub night.

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