Faculty of Business Dean, Sylvia Lowndes welcomes back faculty and students Fall 2014

This September, we have the privilege of greeting more than 1590 first year students from more than 25 countries and into 20 different programs.  Each student is drawn to Sheridan’s Faculty of Business by our innovative programs, our outstanding professors and staff, our top-notch facilities and, our stellar reputation in business education.

Today, we will also have the honor of welcoming more than 140 new BBA students who will ‘learn to learn’ differently as we introduce our Faculty of Business innovative model of whole-learner development.  We will co-mingle critical 21st century competencies of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and dealing with ambiguity, into the rich technical curricula of the respective disciplines within Sheridan’s Faculty of Business BBA suite of programs. This is a novel approach and we are thrilled with the range of possible developmental outcomes for our students. Thank you to all those involved in the design and development of our unique Sheridan Faculty of Business BBA experience!Enactus Group

September is a time for ‘fresh beginnings’ and ‘infinite opportunities’. As our students enter our classrooms over the next week I reflect upon the full range of ‘what is possible’ for those students who choose Sheridan’s Faculty of Business to explore, experience and expand their horizons.

I believe we have the good fortune to come together in a unique learning community. This fall we are proud to welcome many new professors, a new librarian and, many new support staff to our community – all with the goal of supporting an exceptional learning experience for our students. I am certain that you will come to recognize that just like our students, our Faculty of Business is primed for growth and transformation. These are exciting times. Thank you for all you do in support of our students. I trust you will all have an exceptional year!

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