Sheridan Advertising Management students mix it up with The GRIP Orange Juicer 2014


Sheridan Advertising Management students Lindsay Kerr, Vincent Orsini, Margaret Jakubowski, Nicole Mendonca, Ishita Luther, and Mike Panov

Six Faculty of Business Advertising Management students recently competed in the annual GRIP Orange Juicer to design an advertising campaign for a mobile app for GRIP advertising agency travel client  Sheridan Advertising Management post-graduate students Lindsay Kerr, Ishita Luther, Margaret Jakubowski, Nicole Mendonca, Vincent Orsini, and Mike Panov competed along with eight colleges and three university teams to create advertising for a mobile app for

GRIP Limited challenged each team to create an innovative advertising pitch and plans book for one of Grip’s clients – Expedia. Budget is limited to $1,000,000, the task is to develop a big idea to ensure the Expedia Mobile App is top of mind when planning and booking travel on the go. Presentations are limited to exactly 45 minutes.

The Orange Juicer is a student competition and apprenticeship program that connects GRIP Limited with the next generation of advertising greats. Student teams across North America are given a brief for a Grip client and asked to prepare a campaign pitch to present before a panel of industry professionals. It’s a great opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a professional setting. Grip will award up to ten students from the participating teams with paid three-month positions in our 2014 Orange Juicer Apprenticeship Program.

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