Biz Professors Mark Rust and Jim Deakin host The Buddy Love Band Movember Event Sunday Nov 17

BuddyFaculty of Business professors Mark Rust and Jim Deakin host The Buddy Love Band Movember Event, Sunday, November 17 at 7:00 pm at The Moonshine Cafe, 137 Kerr St. Oakville Ontario. The Buddy Love Movember event will feature Rust and Deakin, two long-time members of The Buddy Love band along with Buddy Love members, bassist John Fauteux and Rick Matten playing and singing a wide range of everyone’s favorite music including many original songs

The Buddy Love Movember Event offers great prizes, raffles and 50-50 draws and features a draw for two Fender acoustic guitars provided courtesy of the long-time generosity of Scott Apted at Gear Music at 324 Kerr St. Oakville.

“This is a terrific event with lots of great performers, great prizes, good food and good times, and one of the many fund-raisers we host every year,” said Buddy Love.

The event marks the third year The Buddy Love Band has played and raised funds for the worthy Movember cause in aid of research for men’s cancer. You can also donate to the Buddy Love Movember Event at this link. Then, click on Donate to Me.

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