Faculty of Business congratulates Professors Genzer, Nowell and Skolnick on their retirement

FR1The Sheridan Faculty of Business congratulated three valued professors on their retirement at a recent gathering at the Trafalgar campus. Faculty of Business Dean, Dr. William Holmes, congratulated the professors on their retirement and praised Professors Erik Genzer, David Nowell and Harvey Skolnick for their collective one hundred years of dedicated teaching to the students of Sheridan.

The collective feeling of the retiring faculty were reflected in Harvey Skolnick’s words – “One of the things I take pride in is my style of teaching. When I put a course together, I put myself in the students’ shoes and ask myself, will the students clearly understand the concepts I am trying to bring across. I will modify things until I feel that everything is clear to the student. Another thing I am proud of is my respect for the students. I try to practice the golden rule, which is to treat people in a way that I would like to be treated.”

Professor Erik Genzer teaches in the Accounting programs, and professors Nowell and Skolnick teach in the Marketing programs.

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