Sheridan College Faculty of Business says “Happy Retirement” to three valued members

SSASheridan’s Faculty of Business members recently gathered to wish Marilyn Morrison, Bernice Fehr, and Hildegard Salama happy retirement after their valued careers at Sheridan.

Morrison, Fehr and Salama each held the position of Director of First Impressions with theSSB Faculty of Business and ably handled student and public enquiries to the Faculty for a good many years.

The celebration was well attended by faculty, support and administrative members of the Faculty and members of the SSCcollege community and featured, laughter, tears, a pot-luck lunch and far too many delicious desserts to be consumed by human beings.

The festivities were marked by Dean William Holmes who, with a tear in his eye, remarked on the valuable work that the three had contributed to Sheridan College and the Faculty of Business and assured them that they would be difficult to replace.

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