Enactus Sheridan takes three awards at recent Enactus National Exposition in Toronto

Enactus RookieEnactus Sheridan participated in its first National Exposition at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre where the event welcomed 51 Colleges and Universities, 1,200 delegates, academic professionals and top Canadian CEO’s.

During the three-day event, post-secondary teams and student entrepreneurs competed for the prestigious national champion title showcasing their community development projects and business ventures to judging panels composed of top Canadian executives. Keynote speakers included Arlene Dickinson and Avik Dey.

The Enactus Sheridan presentation team included Bryan McLatchie, Neal Chauhan, Josh Goodwin, Veina Wang, Matthew Whitney and Humza Imran.

Enactus Sheridan received three awards at the Exposition: Enactus Rookie National Champion – To recognize the start-up team that best-demonstrated excellence in empowering people in their community through their Enactus projects. First Runner Up Award in their Division and Professor Vishal Badani won the John Dobson Award – To recognize the John Dobson Enactus Fellow who made an outstanding contribution in the past academic year as a mentor and coach to students involved in the Enactus team on their campus.

Enactus Sheridan would like to thank everyone who supported the team including Faculty of Business Dean, Bill Holmes, Associate Dean, Cindy Gillett, Professor Doug Greenwood, Student Engagement Manager, Crystal Bennett, Kerri Zanatta-Buehler, Sheridan Student Services, Professors Janet Young, Lorraine Cipparone, Ginger Grant and everyone else who came out to support the team. Watch a video assembled by Crystal Bennett on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQodWZuGJSs

Sheridan students who would like to join the team can learn more by visiting Enactus Sheridan website, visiting their Facebook site and, checking out their Twitter feed @enactussheridan

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