Sheridan Faculty of Business Team Edge are winners in the Grip Advertising Juicer Competition

Sheridan Faculty of Business Advertising program -Team Edge

Sheridan Faculty of Business Advertising program Team Edge

Sheridan Faculty of Business Advertising students Team Edge took third place in the Grip Advertising – Grip Juicer competition recently. Team Edge is comprised of third year Advertising & Marketing Communications Management students Meika Yeo, Josh Goodwin, and Shin Phan and Post Graduate, Advertising Account Management students Britney Andrade, Erica Smith, and Tiffany Phillips who participated in the first annual Advertising Industry competition hosted and sponsored by The Grip Agency.

Student teams from Sheridan, Centennial, Humber, Seneca, Durham, St. Clair, and Mohawk colleges were given approximately 6 weeks to research and prepare a Campaign book and presentation for Honda Civic.

“The Grip Juicer competition was the most realistic representation of working in the advertising industry that I have experienced. This was one of the most rewarding and self-enlightening experiences and even though it took a lot of hard work and dedication, I am now better prepared to enter the industry and couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome,” said Meika Yeo, Sheridan Advertising Account Management student.

“In experiencing competitions such as the Grip Juicer it doesn’t get any more “real-world” than this. It has given me a taste of what it will really be like, and solidified this is the industry I want to be a part of,” said Tiffany Phillips.

As per the Grip Juicer Competition Rule Book, the competition is described as: “The Grip Juicer Competition is an annual advertising competition hosted by Grip. It provides a great opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a risk-free learning environment. Students can road test their advertising skills and work with a select group of faculty and students who are fiercely passionate and aspire to the highest principles of conduct. The Grip Juicer competition provides advertising students with a real-world problem that can be solved throughout knowledge, team effort and creativity.

“I am so proud of Team Edge, they were incredible beyond words,” said Peggy Barnwell, Coordinator, Advertising – Account Management program.

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