Sheridan’s Spread the Net Student Challenge to purchase mosquito netting for African children

STN_Penny_DriveStudents from Sheridan’s Faculty of Business Tourism & Travel, join Early Childhood Education and Print Journalism students for The Spread the Net Student Challenge, a fundraiser and awareness campaign about the impact that Malaria has on a significant portion of the world’s population and the leading cause of death in Africa.

Every 60 seconds a child dies from Malaria.  An easy, effective, long-lasting, and affordable solution is the use of bed nets which have been proven to reduce the incidence of Malaria by at least 50%.

Students will be staffing a table in Sheridan’s “B” Wing at Trafalgar Campus this Tuesday and Wednesday to collect funds and provide information. With the retirement of the Canadian penny, we will be happy to accept them from donors and do the coin rolling. In exchange for a donation of any amount (including pennies) donors are offered a paper to write the name of a loved one and place it in the displayed bed net.

“The team from Sheridan College is competing against 15 other colleges and universities across Canada. The winning school will be featured on an episode of the CBC’s Rick Mercer Report in April, 2013,” said Roger Halfacre, Professor, Sheridan Faculty of Business.

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