Sheridan Takes a Gold in exciting Quiz Bowl Event at Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition 2012

Sheridan’s OCMC 2012 team celebrates gold win in Quiz Bowl event

Sheridan Business student Ali Van Buskirk in concert with her Team 8 cohorts from Humber, Seneca and Coestoga Colleges took the Gold at the exciting Quiz Bowl event at The Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC) in Toronto. Quiz Bowl teams are created by randomly selecting members from the participating colleges and this year’s event saw thirteen teams in head to head competition in the exciting event.  Questions are drawn from marketing textbooks and magazines and require competitors to provide quick answers to rapid-fire questions.

Ali Van Buskirk thanked via Twitter her Team 8 members Graiden Vanderveen, Humber College, Noelle Wannamaker, Seneca College, and Mark Kowalski Conestoga College saying that they were the best team ever.

Sheridan professor and competition leader, Annie Tarzi, thanked all the Sheridan competitors for their excitement and drive at The OCMC 2012 Quiz Bowl.

“Our Sheridan OCMC team showed a lot of competitive spirit and demonstrated solid knowledge of marketing facts, especially competitors Humza Imran, Shin Phan, and Martyna Domurad,” said Professor Tarzi.

OCMC 2102 continues on Friday with individual case events which test students’ marketing skills and critical thinking skills.  OCMC 2102 is sponsored and hosted by Centennial College.[slideshow]

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