Sheridan Faculty of Business welcomes Crystal Bennett, Manager, Student Engagement

Crystal Bennett, Manager, Student Engagement, Faculty of Business

Crystal Bennett, a Sheridan graduate and a former president of the Sheridan Student Union, has accepted the position of Manager, Student Engagement for the Sheridan Faculty of Business.

Bennett’s long term plans are to increase the number of opportunities and events available for students to participate in outside of the classroom which fits in with Sheridan’s new initiative The Co-Curricular Record.  Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their other skills through community and competitive activities. Bennett believes that these activities will help to give Sheridan Faculty of Business students a competitive edge when they begin their job search.

Currently Bennett is completing research, supporting many of the current activities and talking to students and The Sheridan Student Union. “I really want to know what Sheridan Business students want so we can develop relevant opportunities to enhance their student life and portfolio,” said Bennett.

Ms. Bennett will located mainly at the Hazel McCallion Campus and will also spend time at both Davis and Trafalgar campuses engaging students in activities and events which increase Faculty of Business student sense of community and belonging.

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