OCMC 2012 Team learn Presentation and Critical Thinking Skills at Dean’s workshop

OCMC 2012 students practice their presentation skills.

The 2012 Sheridan Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC) team and a group of competitive Accounting program students recently attended a Sheridan Faculty of Business workshop on presentation and critical thinking skills lead by Sheridan Faculty of Business Dean, Dr. William Holmes.

The Sheridan Marketing and Advertising students comprising the 2102 OCMC Team and the Accounting students will be engaged in competitive events hosts by Canadian colleges this semester.

“Often the discerning factor in a winning performance during a competitive experience is the student’s demonstration of good presentation and good critical thinking skills,” said Dr. Holmes.

Marketing and Advertising students from Sheridan have competed in the OCMC, an Ontario college hosted an industry-sponsored event since the 1990s, Sheridan’s Accounting program students have competed in CGA sponsored events for years also.

Faculty OCMC sponsors Professor Annie Tarzi, and Accounting Program Coordinator Sally Mitzel was pleased with their students’ performance at the workshop and reminded students that these activities help to qualify to be included in their new co-curricular record instituted at Sheridan.[slideshow]

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