Sheridan’s Co-Curricular Record to enhance student learning portfolios with non-academic achievements

Christina Wiggins, Project Leader, Sheridan’s Co-Curricular Record

With the launch of the new Co-Curricular Record (CCR), Sheridan students will have a unique opportunity to enhance and expand their learning portfolios by listing their non-academic, athletic, and community activities along with their official Sheridan student record. Sheridan’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a collection of a student’s non-academic and out of classroom activities that have enhanced their learning and personal growth.

“Participating in co-curricular activities assists students with developing their essential employability skills, gaining valuable learning experiences, providing opportunities for meeting new people, and becoming a functional part of their Sheridan and local community,” said Christina Wiggins, Project Leader, Sheridan’s Co-Curricular Record.

Activities currently listed include student life programs, student leadership programs, community engagement, and varsity athletics.  Also included are activities students can participate in through their program of study like competitive and other events which are not for academic credit but tend to enhance the student experience while at Sheridan.  Sheridan’s Co-Curricular Record is available to all current full-time students.

“Students can use their CCR when they pursue employment as it provides employers with evidence of the student’s ability to take initiative for their own skill development and personal growth. When pursuing further education, the CCR can accompany the academic transcript as part of the application process in support of student readiness for higher education.  The CCR may also be used to support bursaries applications which require leadership, community and volunteer activities,” said Wiggins.

The link to the CCR will be found on Access Sheridan starting October 15th under the title MySheridanCCR.  When students click on the link they will be automatically logged on the site.  Staff, faculty, and continuing education students will be taken to the public side of the site where they can learn more about the Co-Curricular Record, and access the database of activities listed in the CCR .

During the fall semester the CCR Administrators we will contact each activity coordinator with a request to review their activity information listed in the CCR.  Activity coordinators can also request to add an activity to the CCR database by contacting Christina Wiggins ext 2654 or or e-mail


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