Faculty of Business members Stuart Munro, Henry Katz, and Sue Ronchka retire from Sheridan College

Henry Katz, Stuart Munro, and Sue Ronchka cut the cake marking their retirement from The Sheridan Faculty of Business

Sheridan Faculty of Business gathered to bid happy retirement to Associate Dean, Stuart Munro, Financial Planning Program Coordinator Henry Katz and faculty coach and mentor Professor Sue Ronchka – their retirement captures nearly one hundred years of service to Sheridan College.

Dean, Bill Holmes presented Munro, Katz and Ronchka with a suitable memento celebrating their contribution to the Faculty of Business while members of the Faculty of Business congratulated the three on their retirement.

Stuart Munro intends to enjoy his retirement with more shipboard cruises, Henry Katz, will continue with his Financial Planning clients and Sue Ronchka intends to return to mentor and coach new faculty.

Congratulations and happy retirement Stuart Munro, Henry Katz and Sue Ronchka from the members of The Sheridan Faculty of Business.[slideshow]

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