Sheridan Engineering and Marketing students work in joint venture to promote Formula SAE racing car

Sheridan Engineering and Marketing students cooperated in the joint venture Day at The Races for Sheridan

In a joint venture, Sheridan College Faculty of Applied Science and Technology Engineering and Faculty of Business marketing students organized the highly successful Day at the Races for Sheridan Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Racing Car event recently at Sheridan’s Davis campus in Brampton.  The event brought the feel and excitement of the race track to Sheridan’s Athletic Complex to raise funds to build Sheridan’s Formula SAE racing car.  Sheridan’s SAE racing car will be the first entry by an Ontario Community College to compete against entries by university teams.

Remote car racing – one of the many events at A Day at the Races for Sheridan

Formula SAE  is an engineering competition providing students with the opportunity to design, manufacture and tune performance vehicles geared at the enthusiast weekend autocross racer. Sheridan FAST Engineering students have been working to design and build the car and are enthusiastic about participating in a high level competition.  Competitions are held at several locations across the globe, and with the help of their sponsors Panasonic, Brampton Firefighters and others, Sheridan plans to attend SAE East, Detroit, Michigan and SAE North, Barrie, Ontario.

The crowd cheers for their favourites at A Day at The Races for Sheridan

Day at the Races for Sheridan is part of Sheridan Faculty of Business marketing students’ effort to build a stronger school community while gaining event organization experience, and will feature Remote Control Car Races, a display of Sheridan FAST Engineering students’ SAE Car and design plans, a Hotdog Eating Contest, Brampton Firefighters signing recipe books, music and more.

Sheridan’s Formula SAE Racing Car project  provides a unique opportunity for Engineering and Business students to work together to gain valuable real life experience. Students work with faculty, and automotive suppliers and business to design and build the car, and to plan and manage the business side.

Sheridan engineering student, Chris Matthews says “The experience has shown me how to take what I have learned in engineering, design and drafting and put it into practice. It is a real challenge to build the parts you have designed.”

Stefan Yasin, a Sheridan marketing student and car enthusiast described his experience as “Learning how the design-build process works going from software into a hands-on model (3 D printing) then to the final part.  He noted seeing it go full circle connects all the pieces you learn in a practical way.”[slideshow]

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