Faculty of Business Paralegal Students invade Brampton Provincial Offences Court

Sheridan Faculty of Business Paralegal mock-trial participants.

An overwhelming number of Sheridan Faculty of Business Paralegal students found themselves in Provincial Offences Court over the past three weeks – luckily not to defend themselves on charges but to participate in mock trials. All first year Paralegal students in the Civil Trial Procedure and Advocacy course spent the term preparing for their big day (or rather evening) in court representing a Plaintiff or a Defendant in a Small Claims Court trial.

Judges, recruited from the legal community, included Sheridan Faculty of Business Paralegal graduates and lawyers with over 30 years’ experience.

Lisa Trabucco, Paralegal program Coordinator, with the mock-trial judges.

“Advocacy is a key component of the two year Paralegal Program and students welcome any chance they can get to stand on their feet and develop their skills,” said Netta Romano Coordinator, Sheridan Paralegal program.

“Participants on both sides of the bench found it to be a positive learning experience, said Lisa Trabucco, Coordinator and Student Advisor, Paralegal program.

Although nervous before the trial began, students responded positively to the opportunity to conduct a trial in an authentic courtroom setting.  Well done students and as they say on TV, see you in court!

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