Sheridan Faculty of Business student team competes at Vanier BDC Case Challenge in Montreal

David Nowell, Mahfuz Chowdhury, Kylie Dalgleish, Kyle Todd

Three Sheridan Faculty of Business students recently had the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess in the annual Vainer College BDC Case Challenge.  Sheridan Advertising student Kylie Dalgleish, and Marketing students Mahfuz Chowdhury and Kyle Todd and Faculty coach Professor David Nowell competed against students from more than 30 colleges and CGEPs from across Canada.

The Vanier College BDC Case Challenge final results were Mohawk College 1st place, College Lionel Groulx (Montreal) 2nd place and Okanagan College (Kelowna BC) third place.

Coach David Nowell said that Sheridan team made a very strong presentation but were a bit off the mark in terms of what the judges were looking for. The Vanier Case Challenge offered very tough competition — in one division, judges took nearly two hours to pick top teams. Professor Nowell also noted that there were several colleges from out west that made a strong showing, including Okanagan College from B.C.  Students from Sheridan were among those last to present, so they spent several hours in isolation with other teams and as a result made a number of new acquaintances across the country.

Nowell noted that there was tremendous support among the student teams. The Sheridan team watched almost all of the final presentations, half of which were in French and really saw what it took to be successful. He sums it up as a fantastic learning experience for the Sheridan students and an especially valuable national event.

Kyle Todd, Kylie Dalgleish, and Mahfuz Chowdury

“It was truly an honour to participate in this event, and I couldn’t be happier to have Kyle Todd and Kylie Dalgleish as teammates. They entertained me, inspired me, and truly helped me grow as a Marketer. Along with David Nowell’s strong coaching, we were really able to bring something special into the 2012 Vanier College Case Competition,” said Mahfuz Chowdhury.

“Our Sheridan team of students were wonderful to work with and the strongest team I have ever coached in terms of presentation power. I really stood on the shoulders of my coaching colleagues there, as these students were working with me for only six weeks. It was wonderful how they came together, worked through issues together and were a joy to work with,” said Professor Nowell.

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