Sheridan Faculty of Business student Suzy Q creates on-line blog for Better Decorating

Suzy Q - Better Decorating Bible

In a few short months Suzy Cacic, a second year Business Administration Finance student has charged the blogoshere with her own entry Better Decorating Bible writing several blog posts per week as Suzy Q and capturing the hearts and minds of a large audience.  Cacic has also started to create her own product line of high-end decorator pillows under her own Suzy Q brand name.

Suzy Q says she started interior decorating when she was 10 or 11 years old, often re-making rooms in her parent’s home from her own ideas and from decorating magazines. Over the years her expertise has grown and finally last year Suzy Q started to blog about interior decorating in Better Decorating Bible. Suzy Q says the reaction to her blog has been fantastic with many readers posting comments to her blogs and requesting decorating advice.

Recently Suzy Q was featured in a full length Homes-Extra story Expressing Herself As Suzy Q published in the Toronto Sun about her decorating career and her blog. Meanwhile, enjoy Suzy Q’s  Better Decorating Bible blog and if you have any questions about decorating or want to purchase some high-end made to order decorative pillows – just call her Suzy Q


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