Mississauga Summit offers Sheridan Office Admin students chance to assist annual task-force

Sheridan Office Administration students and graduates supplied administrative support to the Mississauga Summit 2011

More than 25 Sheridan Faculty of Business, Office Administration students, graduates and faculty volunteered to supply scribe and administrative services to the participants of the recent Mississauga Summit.

The Mississauga Summit, held at the University of Toronto, Mississauga (UTM) brought together participants to brainstorm five Big Ideas for the future of the City of Mississauga.

Coordinated by Nancy Barrington, the Sheridan Faculty of Business, Office Administration students and graduates volunteered in a variety of ways – mainly by e-recording, using their laptops, the highlights of each presentation, and assisting with distributing information to participants, taking pictures, participating in the audience, and networking with the community. Lisa Mendes and Kellie Hayward, professors in the Office Administration programs, also assisted with organizing the students during the Summit.

Sheridan Office Administration students with Mayor Hazel McCallion at the recent Mississauga Summit

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and Calgary’s Mayor Neshi were in attendance as various task forces presented five “big ideas” for Mississauga on the waterfront, diversity, human services (health and social services), post-secondary education, and jobs.

The ideas include a waterfront development corporation to determine the fate of 450 acres of land; a business network for UTM, Sheridan College and two local hospitals; an innovation centre comparable to MaRS in downtown Toronto for start-up businesses; a “neighbourhoods-at-risk strategy” for social services in one community; and a diversity council for the large immigrant community.

Summit participant and Sheridan Faculty of Business, Dean, William Holmes praised the coordinators, faculty and students of the Office Administration programs.

“Our students showed an exceptional level of professionalism and I was proud to have them at the Summit representing Sheridan and the Faculty of Business, please accept my thanks and sincere appreciation”, said Holmes.

The Mississauga Summit is the fourth in an ongoing series that began in 2007 and is modeled after Greater Toronto’s CivicAction — a way to engage residents by having them contribute their own plans.

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