Mahfuz Chowdhury – Sheridan Business Administration student and motivational speaker

Simone Birthwright, Mahfuz Chowdhury, Angela Wigfield, Sylvia You, Alisha Dennis, Arianne Martin

When Sheridan Student Services group were looking for someone to give a motivational talk to their Student Admissions Representative (STARs) the first person who came to mind was Mahfuz Chowdury.

Chowdury, a second year Faculty of Business Marketing student located at the Trafalgar Campus in Oakville, has taken his life experiences and his entrepreneurial spirit to re-invent himself as a motivational speaker. Chowdury shares his story in his seminars on how personal development has opened doors for him. He stresses the importance of always keeping a positive attitude. Chowdhury’s message to his audience is simple – always keep a positive attitude.

“It is easy to have a positive attitude when everything is going right, but a champion has a positive attitude when everything is going wrong,” said Chowdhury.

Chowdhury’s venture is called Project Reinvention and his goal is to help students reinvent themselves through personal development which he defines as any activity that helps a person become self-aware and therefore help improve themselves.

Alisha Denis, On-Campus Recruitment Officer for Trafalgar Campus explains the effect that Mahfuz had on the Sheridan STARs. “It’s never easy to get into the minds of a particular audience to influence them, but Mahfuz’s energy and words not only got into their minds but also their hearts. Our students left energized, informed, motivated, excited, and empowered. You can’t ask for more from a motivational speaker. I look forward to following Mahfuz’s career and discovering how I may use his talents next,” said Denis.

Chowdhury has spoken to student groups several times for Sheridan Student Services.

Mahfuz Chowdhury is also a member of the Sheridan Business program’s Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition team and will compete in the Marketing Case Event with team partner Marc Brajak at the coming OCMC event, hosted this year by Humber College November 24-25.

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