Faculty of Business Support Staff changes for B326 Trafalgar Business office

Hildegard Salama

Faculty of Business Operations Manager, Charlene Craddock is pleased to announce the following changes in support staff at the Trafalgar Faculty of Business operation.

Hildegard Salama is replacing Lesley Rumsby, who is on maternity leave. Hildegard is the contact for year two and three Accounting, Banking and Wealth Management, E-commerce, Finance, General and Marketing programs at the Trafalgar campus. Hildegard can be reached at extension 2237 or hildegard.salama@sheridanc.on.ca

Erin Mitzel

We are also pleased to welcome Erin Mitzel to the Faculty of Business as temporary receptionist.

Erin is replacing Hildegard Salama at the Trafalgar Reception Desk located in B326 until Lesley Rumsby’s return.  Erin can be reached at extension 2934 or erin.mitzel @sheridanc.on.ca

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