Trevor Bodogh, Business graduate, Extreme Athlete, auditions for Canada’s Got Talent in Toronto

Graeme O’Neil interviews Extreme Athlete, Trevor Bodogh during Canada’s Got Talent auditions in Toronto.

Extreme Athlete, and Sheridan Faculty of Business graduate Trevor Bodogh says he has a hard time saying no to a good opportunity to create exposure for his Bike Trials sport, and the recent Toronto auditions for television series Canada’s Got Talent was the right move at the right time.

Bodogh hopes that his Canada’s Got Talent audition will help give a little jet fuel to the hard work he has invested into pursuing his extreme athlete career in terms of exposure, inspiration and interest from sponsors and events. Bodogh’s focus at the audition was on creating unique energy around what he wanted to demonstrate to the judges and he believes that he was a success.

Trevor Bodogh soars through his routine at CGT auditions

When Bodogh’s team arrived at the Rogers Centre for the CGT audition, the rain started to pour while he had a truck full of props to bring in past  the endless lines filled with contestants. After meeting CGT host, Graeme O’Neil, he started bringing in the deconstructed metal pieces of his prop setup.

After about what felt like the 20th trip inside and many curious looks from the waiting contestants, Bodogh’s team set everything up and were put into line near the front. CGT host Graeme O’Neil returned shortly after seeing the giant metal ladder fully constructed and asked Bodogh for a demonstration, on camera.  Amid screams of excitement and fear, Trevor Bodogh leaped his bike up and then soared off the end of the six-foot-high ladder set-piece.  Then with the help of the CGT team, he hauled all his props downstairs for the real audition in front of the executive show producer and his judges.  Bodogh says that contestants will know by October 30th if they are selected for the next step in Canada’s Got Talent process.  Make sure to stay tuned to Canada’s Got Talent!

Trevor Bodogh is a graduate of Sheridan College, Faculty of Business, Business Administration-Finance program, and is an extreme athlete, an entrepreneur, and a sought after business speaker.  Bodogh has appeared at Sheridan’s Virox Future Forum in 2011, 2010, and 2009.

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