Student Services Advisement Centre offers one stop student service at Hazel McCallion Campus

Roksana Sobota, Sally Burgess and Andrew Staples at the new Advisement Centre HMC

Sheridan Faculty of Business students are able to access one-stop Student Services at the Advisement Centre located at the new Hazel McCallion Campus located in Mississauga.  Students and visitors to the new HMC are greeted at the new main entrance of the campus by Student Success Officers Andrew Staples and Roksana Sobota who provide support for nearly every inquiry they face. Questions that can’t immediately be resolved with Success Officers Staples and Sobota can easily be referred to the right connection just inside the spacious Advisement Centre.

The new one-stop concept Advisement Centre houses members of  Student Advisement,  Accessible Learning, Counseling, Cooperative Education, Registrar’s Office, and International Student Services all at one central location.

“This new one-stop model is something that all colleges want and because we were creating a completely new physical space with the Hazel McCallion campus, we were able to give the concept priority and include it in the initial design,” says Student Advisor, Sally Burgess.

Weekly team meetings are held with key players at HMC Advisement Centre,  including First Year Business Coordinator Carole Bowman, in order to keep the facility consistently responding to and anticipating HMC student needs. Currently the Davis Campus Students Services are being renovated to offer the same style one-stop Student Services to students there.


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